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Bonus Bucks Go Blue

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Bonus Bucks got a new look this week, and a lot of fancy new features too. The Chamber Bonus Bucks program, which has been in existance for over 10 years, works like a community bank. People and businesses purchase bonus bucks from the Chamber Office for things like gifts, bonuses, prizes, and recipients can spend them like cash at any local Chamber member business.

The new bucks work exactly the same as the old ones do--and any old green bonus bucks that have been purchased can still be used up until their expiration date, but there are some key differences we want to explain.

1. The date. In the past, the date on bonus bucks has been the expiration date. We've changed that in these new bucks to be the purchase date and included "Void after 365 days" on the face of the bill. This keeps it more in line with how personal checks work and makes it easy for us to track when a specific buck was purchased. Don't worry! It still allows the same amount of time for customers to use bucks as they've had in the past.

2. The serial number. The new serial number on each bonus buck allows us to track when the bonus bucks we've sold come back to us for redemption. It gives us a very clear picture of how many bonus bucks we still have out in the community, which helps us keep on track internally.

3. The stub. Each new bonus buck has a stub with the sale information so staff and volunteers can all keep track of purchases in a more uniform way--which means much less chance for error when it comes to your service.

4. The customer signature. We still have the Chamber signature, which is signed by the Chamber staff person or volunteer helping you with your purchase. However, we are also asking you to let your employees know of an important change with these bucks--the customer signature. When someone comes in to purchase something with Bonus Bucks, please remind them to sign in the customer signature section at check-out like they would sign a check. This helps us make sure that bonus bucks cannot be easily stolen.

5. The thank you. We took this redesign opportunity to add "Thanks for Shopping Local!" in the banner on top of each buck. These bonus bucks are meant to reward shopping local and to keep our Mobridge Chamber businesses strong and profitable. We thought this message deserved a place on each bill--and wish you every continued success using this program!

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