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2017-2018 Membership Tiers

Historically, Chambers operated on a fair-share model, where all members received the same benefits package and larger members (or growing members) paid more than smaller ones. In the 1980s, Chambers started talking about offering a new tiered system--one that operates a lot more like the businesses we serve and doesn't penalize businesses for growing.

As members of the Mobridge Chamber, we are always striving to find more ways to add value to your membership. We know each of you join for different reasons and that you're looking for an efficient system that values your time. We believe this new system will not only add lots of value to you--it will also give you more freedom to decide what you want in your membership.

We will still be offering the classic membership package based on employee counts, but we're adding plenty of alternatives to this membership as well. These various tiers are something we are very excited about, because we strongly believe that you will be able to get more out of your dues than ever before under these new plans. Click here to take a quick survey to identify which one is right for you!

Considering becoming a member or switching your plan? It's easy! Just call our office at 605-845-2500 or email chamber@mobridge.org, and we'll schedule a no pressure meeting to discuss your different options and answer any questions you have about this new system.Image title

Having trouble reading the fine print? Download a PDF version here. Membership Tiers.pdf

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