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The Timber Lake Museum has thousands of locally discovered anomites, fossils, and artifacts on display for visitors. Located on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, this museum is home to many beautiful Lakota Indian artifacts. The area was homesteaded by European settlers starting in 1910, and the museum also has fantastic exhibits of early pioneer life. Today, Timber Lake is a ranching community, and the museum shows off that local culture with a number of collections on ranching and rodeos.

Arguably the most beloved piece in the museum's collection is the cast of Alley Rex, a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull found by the late Bill Alley near Timber Lake in 1998. The skull had a nearly complete brain case that researchers scanned in order to better understand the complexity of the T. rex brain and senses. For more information on the museum, Alley Rex, and its other fantastic exhibits, visit timberlakehistory.org.



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