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Our County Commissioners work hard to represent the residents of Walworth County, but it can be a thankless job where the only time they hear from constituents is when there's a problem. The Chamber is working to become more involved at the local political level. We want to stay informed about what's going on so we can be proactively involved and collaborate with our government entities. We also want to make local politics more accessible for busy Chamber members and give them more of a voice in the community.

On Monday, July 24, 2015, the Chamber sent a poll to 393 individuals on their weekly e-blast. This email list is composed mainly of Chamber businessowners and employees. It is a small sample size, but there was a 5% response rate, which is usually considered pretty good in survey methodology (anything above 3% is considered okay). Of the 393 individuals who were sent the email, 145 (40%) were opened, of those 145 readers, 42 (29%) followed the link to the survey, and of those 21 survey viewers (50%) completed the survey. Click here for the results.



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