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All You Need to Know About Bonus Bucks.

Q. Who's in charge of Bonus Buck distribution?
A. The Mobridge Area Chamber of Commerce is in charge of distribution. If you have questions on your Bonus Bucks that aren't answered here, please feel free to call 605-845-2500 or email info@mobridge.org.
Q. What are Bonus Bucks?
A. Bonus bucks are a local currency. They can be spent just like cash at any Mobridge Area Chamber member business. For a list of all of our Chamber members, click here
Q. When can I use them?
A. You can use them anytime of the year! They make great gifts for folks who are hard to shop for, wonderful holiday bonuses for employees, and a great alternative to gift certificates. Bonus Bucks do have expiration dates, though. If you have Bonus Bucks that you won't be able to use by your expiration date, visit the Mobridge Area Chamber before they expire to exchange them for newer bucks. Please contact the Chamber if you have expired bonus bucks you don't know what to do with.
Q. Where can I use them?
A. You can use them at any Mobridge Area Chamber member business. They are used just like cash, so you can use them to pay for any services or products that you want to purchase.
Q. Where can I purchase them?
A. You can purchase Bonus Bucks at the Mobridge Area Chamber of Commerce at 212 N Main St. in Mobridge, SD. Our hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Q. Why do these Bonus Bucks exist?
A. Bonus Bucks are a great way to support buying locally. When you buy locally, more of each dollar stays in our community--whether it's paid in wages to the cashier who helped you, used by a retail store to purchase local services or products, or collected as local sales tax revenue. A gift of Bonus Bucks keeps giving back to our local communities even after its spent!
Q. Are there any other 'bonuses' to Bonus Bucks?
A. You are also helping support Chamber member businesses. When a business joins the Chamber of Commerce, it shows they care about the success of our local economy and support the events and programs we provide. Using Bonus Bucks is one way to say 'thank you' to these businesses.

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