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Sacagawea Monument

Sacagawea, also called Bird Woman, was the guide of Lewis and Clark on their journey from 1804 to 1806. She was a Shoshone Indian woman from the Big Horn Mountains of Montana who was captured and taken to North Dakota. She married a French fur trader there and together they were hired by Lewis and Clark for their Corps of Discovery expedition. Her courange, endurance, and unerring instinct guided the group over seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Today, she is credited with much of the journey's success.

Sacagawea died of a putrid fever during childbirth in December of 1812 at Ft. Manuel Lisa (25 miles from current day Mobridge, SD). She was just 25 years old. In 1929, Mobridge area schoolchildren donated pennies to erect a monument to honor her memory. On September 27, 1929, the Sacagawea monument and bronze dedication plaque was erected near the Sitting Bull monument overlooking the Missour River.

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