Rules and Regulations

 22nd Annual Mobridge Chamber Ice Fishing Tournament

Saturday, January 14th, 2023

Rules Meeting Friday, January 13th @ Scherr-Howe Event Center

All Anglers must be registered by 3:00 pm

Doors Open at 5:30 pm for social & prizes with rules meeting to follow.

Rules, Participation Agreement and Release of Liability

1. Eligibility: Must have a valid SD fishing license and be 18 years of age unless accompanied by parent or guardian.

2. Fish Limits: State regulations for amount: Can weigh in 6 fish (2 fish 20 inches and over and 4 under) All fish must be presented in a bucket of fresh water. Fish must be 14" minimum. Fish CANNOT be frozen.

3. Boundaries: Lake Oahe from South point of Swan Creek and South Point of Moreau River to North Point of Shaw Creek. The enitre Moreau and Grand River are in bounds. Anything beyond these points are out of bounds. Map enclosed.

4. Fishing Hours: 9am to 7pm. One team member may pick up numbered board at the Coca Cola Bottling Co. at 9am. Weigh-in at Beadles Chevrolet at 7pm.

5. One partner MUST be present at the launch and in the Coca Cola Bottling Co. building to receive their bucket. If a team misses their number and bucket being called, that team’s bucket will be set aside. It may be picked up once the last team has left the building and both partners are present. If bucket is not picked up by 9:30 am, you are disqualified for prize eligibility and for your guaranteed spot in future tournaments.

6. Anglers MUST return their numbered board to either Beadles Chevrolet or the Coke plant (if no fish to weigh) by 7pm (CDT). If you are late, you are disqualified. (This rule is for your safety and to ensure that we know all contestants have checked in). If your boat board is not returned at either Beadles Chevrolet or the Coke plant, you will be charged $50 for replacement of the board. If fine is not paid, your team will not be allowed to participate in future tournaments.

7. Bad Weather – if inclement weather, there will be no refunds on entry fees. Fishing tournament will be held on Sunday. If we are not able to fish on Sunday, there will be drawings to select prize winners at Scherr-Howe Arena.

8. Anglers must be off the ice by 4 pm the evening of the rules meeting. Nobody on the ice until 9 am Saturday. Both team members must be present at rules meeting. Must be present to win prizes. MUST have ID present to collect prizes.

9. Both team members must be within 25-yard radius of their center point or occupied shack. Distance between teams is 25 yards of an occupied shack unless right-of-way team approves. Right-of-way team would be the first team to that spot.

10. Tournament fishermen cannot fish with non-tournament fishermen. Each team can fish a maximum of eight (8) lines.

11. Stay away from bridges and pressure ridges. Know your ice thickness when navigating.

12. You may only use a standardized hook and line system with artificial bait or live bait to include: (less than 12 dozen) fathead minnows, creek chubs, white suckers, and golden shiners. If using more than 12 dozen or any other bait, you will have to have an Importation Permit from the SD GF&P. No Spearing or Snagging Fish. We will be looking at all fish.

13. You are the best marshal. We will have marshals on the ice but if you see anything suspicious, just call 605-848-2919 or 605-848-3617 and it will be checked out.

14. Four wheelers, electronics, and ice shacks (no more than 2 shacks per team) are allowed.

15. At launch be prepared to show ID. We will randomly be checking ID.

16. The “Golden Rule” will be used as the official tournament ruler. Fish will be measured on both sides and tails will be pinched. Any mangled, mashed, or mauled fish will be weighed at the discretion of the weigh-in official and tournament coordinator. All decisions of the measure master, weigh master and tournament coordinator are final.

17. LOTTERY WINNERS  The spot that you won is a NON-GUARANTTED SPOT FOR 2024. Winners will have to enter the lottery again.

18. If an angler tests positive for COVID-19 they MUST send proof (a letter from your respective state’s DOH). If this angler is on a guaranteed team, they WILL NOT lose their guaranteed spot for the 2024 tournament. The angler who tested positive for COVID-19 may also find a substitute for the 2024 tournament and they WILL NOT lose their guaranteed spot in 2024. If a lottery team angler tests positive for COVID-19 their partner may find a substitute and continue to fish in the 2023 tournament. If no sub is found the team spot will go to a lottery alternate.

19. All teams MUST pre-register for the 2023 tournament. Pre-registration may occur at the Ice Expo on January 12th from 3 – 7pm or January 13th from 9am – 3pm.

20. No-show or Cancellation: In the event of a team “no-show” or not checking in at rules meeting, that team hereby forfeits the guaranteed spot indefinitely.

21. The 2023 rules meeting and weigh-in will be closed to the public. Must have ID tag to enter. MUST have ID ready for all prizes won. 



Participation Agreement: I understand that this is a professional sporting event governed by the rules that have been established by tournament organizers. I acknowledge that I have received a copy of these rules, read them, and understand them. In addition to terms of entry and competition, these rules relate to the safety of all participants as well as the fair sporting conduct of this event. The Chamber Executive Director/Tourism Committee shall act as the referee in all disputes and his/her decision based on his/her interpretation of the rules will be final and without legal appeal. I understand there are never refunds for tournament entry fees. The Mobridge Chamber of Commerce (MCC) reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any event sponsored by MCC without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. MCC may use the photograph/video in publication or other media material produced, used, or contracted by MCC including but not limited to brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc. By participating in a MCC event or by failing to notify MCC, in writing, your desire to not have your photography used by MCC, you are agreeing to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify MCC from any and all claims involving the use of your picture or likeness.

2023 Mobridge Ice Fishing Tournament Rules (PDF)


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